10 Deadly Assignment Mistakes that can Drop your Grades

10 Deadly Assignment Mistakes That Can Drop Your Grades

There are many mistakes that students make while doing their assignments. Such mistakes sometimes can deduct many marks of students which ultimately results in low grades. Following are some deadly mistakes discussed that people mostly do while completing their assignments.

1.      Inadequate Editing prior to Submission

It is very important to edit the assignments carefully according to the requirements of the project. Every student should review the assignment before submitting it to the teachers. Many students have the habit of not rechecking the assignment prior to submitting it. If you have also the same habit of not reviewing your assignment, then start doing it so that you cannot lose your precious marks.

2.      Improper Paragraphs

It is commonly seen in assignments that paragraphs are poorly written. The assignments must be written with paragraphs – each paragraph linked with one to another. Each paragraph must contain an idea behind it. If students have too many details to discuss in the assignment, then it is essential to explain your ideas in different paragraphs so that they can easily be understood by the lecturer that what you want to address in your assignment.

3.      Unclear Introduction and Conclusion

Every assignment that you try to attempt must have a clear introduction and conclusion. The paragraphs in the introduction must display what you want to discuss and what learning outcomes would be received from the assignment. For example, if you decide to outline the issues in a society, then the assignment must represent the background of the issues. Similarly, a proper conclusion is also a crucial element, that describes your overall assignment to the reader. Many students fail to write proper introductions and conclusions that present a bad image of the assignment.

4.      Not Following Formatting Guidelines

Many students lose their marks for not following the formatting guidelines properly. These are very minor mistakes but lead to the deduction in marks. Many students give all their concern in collecting and assessing the information to be included in the assignment and they neglect the guidelines of formatting which displays the poor image of their assignment.

5.      Wrong Referencing Style

Many types of referencing styles are present but students are allowed to use a specific referencing style in their assignments. In order to know which type of referencing should be used, students must read the description of the project clearly as it is mentioned there. If you succeed in using the right referencing style, that it would be easy for you to get good grades in your assignments.

In every assignment, students must do in-depth research and correctly reference the information that is used in the assignment. Research articles, books, websites and other literature material can be included as references. Always double-check to make sure you properly included all the referencing details on the assignment. Right referencing displays your work as of high quality. ‘Assignment Help’ provides students with plagiarism free work and can further provide support and guidance to do your assignments in a perfect manner.

6.      Plagiarism

In higher education, plagiarism is the greatest concern for students. In the university level, plagiarism is taken as a crime if detected in any assignment. Most of the time, students copy information and words from academic sources and directly paste that idea in their assignments, which results in plagiarism. In order to avoid plagiarism, make sure you do not copy anything directly. You can use the ideas from academic sources, convert them in your own words and then write your assignment. Many online applications are available for detecting plagiarism where students can check plagiarism in their assignments before submitting them.

7.      Mistakes in Vocabulary

Good vocabulary in assignments is very important. You have generated a disasterous assignment if you have employed correct grammar and effectively authored an informative paper utilising the proper format but have used the incorrect vocabulary. Don’t write rapidly or in a hurry since you can end yourself writing something you didn’t intend to say.

8.      Inadequate Structure

Every assignment must follow a particular structure which correctly displays your ideas in a flow. Most of the time, teacher provides you a specific structure and format for the assignment, in that case, you should strictly stick to that. Mostly students do not pay attention to this mistake in their assignments and eventually lose their marks.

9.      Repeated Ideas

Although you write your assignment in a proper and presentable manner with all the adequate knowledge related to the topic, using repeated ideas and information results in poor quality of the assignment. It makes the assignment boring and dull and develops a negative effect on the teacher.

10.  Using Inappropriate Words

Students should only use academic and formal language in their assignments. Students commonly make the mistake of using casual language and abbreviations in their assignments. It is always prescribed to use high-standard vocabulary in the assignment and avoid using slang and inappropriate verbs. ‘Do my Assignment’ can provide their best services and guidance to complete your assignments without making any mistakes.

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