AI Writing Tools | Pros And Cons For Experts In 2024

Have you heard about the AI Assignment Writer? Well, duh! It is one of the newest wrinkles out there. This is exactly why you submitted an assignment written by AI to your tutor!

You Did What??

Well, we do agree that Artificial Intelligence (AI), like GPT, tailors high-quality and unique assignments, but it does not mean that you can submit an AI-written assignment without asking your tutor first. Oh, dummy! What have you done?

Some tutors are quite hot-headed regarding this matter. And that big bold “F” on your result reveals that your Miss Nancy is, too. Yikes!

Well, you better be prepared to answer her questions wisely if you want to continue your studies. Holly Molly! We are scared, too.

To help you master this debate, we have compiled some points below that will surely help you change Miss Nancy’s mind. Or maybe get her to grant you a 2nd chance. Really?

Yes, dummy! So, let us get down to business. Roll up your sleeves and practice the points given below to plan your debate in advance.

Wait A Minute! What Is An AI Assignment Writer, Anyway?

Instead of paying hefty amounts to any reputable assignment master, students nowadays are more inclined toward AI assignment writers. These can be premium or even free computer systems or programs that generate written content for academic assignments or any other types of writing tasks. These AI systems are crafted to imitate human writing styles and patterns to tailor assignments that seem to be written by the students themselves. Now that you know what an AI assignment writer is, let us get on with the debate points, shall we?

All Set For Debate | AI Assignment Writer: Yay Or Nay?

Proposition “A” – Time-Saving & Efficient

Right when your tutor asks you what you thought before committing such mortal sin, reply to her in a confident tone. Tell her that by taking help from an AI, you saved a lot of time, and you were able to focus more on other subject matters that required your attention. (Now we know you spent the entire time playing Grand Theft Auto, but there is no need to tell your tutor about that unless, of course, you want to get expelled).

Moreover, you can also highlight how you finished the project more swiftly and were able to devote your time to other academic tasks as well as extracurricular pursuits. By getting help from a writing tool, you were able to manage your time like a pro. It enabled you to maintain a healthy work-life balance and focus on numerous tasks – All thanks to the mighty AI writer!

Opposition “A” – Ethical Issues

Now, chances are, before you brag anymore about how time-saving and efficient your experience was, Miss Nancy’s grudging voice shush you off. She angrily rants about how morality is one of the gravest concerns for using such tools and how she found it unexplainably unethical to receive such an assignment. She will give you a typical lecture on how you crossed the fine line between genuine student work and artificially produced information. Lastly, she might make you realize how you didn’t put forth enough effort and time to complete your assignments as other students. So, it will be unfair to them if she accepts your paper.

Proposition “B” – Assistance For Struggling Students

Now, there! She is quite right! But don’t give her the sweet taste of being right! Remember, you have to convince her at all costs that you did what you thought was more smart. Let her know about your constant struggle to communicate your ideas clearly. This is why you took help from an AI tool because it articulated your ideas in the best possible manner. You took guidance to polish your writing abilities along with the subject knowledge! That was so on point!

Opposition “B” – Unreliable Content Quality

Hmm! Ruthless Miss Nancy is here to argue! She scolds you about how AI technologies have advanced, but they are nowhere near perfect! They offer varied content quality, and who knows, you might be fed with irrelevant or incorrect information. Lastly, you will never be able to enhance your writing skills if this is what you keep on doing!

Proposition “C” – Enhances Writing Skills

Now is your cue to tell her that you double-checked the information and gave proper time to the assigned task. And, contrary to her assumption, you actually improved your writing abilities quite a lot. You learned exceptional writing strategies and referencing practices while you were double-checking and inspecting the AI-produced assignment. You can apply these strategies and practices in your own writing, and as a result, you can improve overall proficiency.

Opposition “C” – Risk Of Plagiarism

Ooh! That seemed to cool Miss Nancy down a bit! Thank heavens! But she still has a chip on her shoulder. This is why she continues her argument by telling you how much plagiarism risk there can be in the content produced by an AI assignment writer. Accidental plagiarism can also cause grave academic consequences and put the integrity of the educational process at risk.

Proposition “D” – Provides Access To Vast Information Sources

You can steer the conversation to how AI writers have access to massive web sources and databases. It allows them to generate current and thorough knowledge on any subject matter. Students’ perspectives can be expanded, and the content of their assignments can be enhanced with access to a variety of materials.

Opposition “D” – Limited Knowledge Of The Subject

Come on, now! Your tutor is almost convinced, but she is only arguing just for the sake of it. All of this is pretty evident on her face while she goes on about how it is impossible for such technologies to comprehend the details of specialized or complex subject matters. In such situations, the generated content can fall short of what is required to address complex concepts properly.

Proposition “E” – Reduces Academic Stress

Put an end to your misery of debating with your ruthless tutor, who has somehow found her newly found passion – to debate with students, even after she fails to prove her point. Tell her how you did nothing different from other students who seek assignment help London from reputable service providers. The only difference is that their deed goes unnoticed while you are being questioned here. Those students and you are always on the lookout for ways to lighten the heavy burden of assignment completion. And there is absolutely nothing off-beam about it.

Opposition “E” – Lack Of Critical Thinking Development

There you go! As a token of appreciation for helping her find her newly found passion, she shows you her pearly whites. Phew! But then again, she opens her mouth to let you know that you must not be truly dependent on such tools. If you do so, you will destroy your critical thinking ability for good. Such ease of the AI assignment writer can motivate a passive style of learning. Such a learning style might result in preventing the students from mastering problem-solving and critical thinking techniques. And with that, she dismisses you! Thank goodness!

The Final Verdict!

Now, it is no secret that everything comes with a possible set of pros and cons side-by-side. It requires every individual to weigh whether the pros are more than the cons or vice versa. Doing so will help individuals make wise and informed decisions all on their own. While the pros of seeking help from an AI assignment writer are more, it is not much appreciated by the tutors. So, the next time you consider taking help from such programs, ask your tutor if they are okay with it. And you will be good to go! Sounds just right!

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