How Can Social Media Help You Compose A Great Dissertation

How Can Social Media Help You Compose A Great Dissertation?

You slept thinking about your research topic and in the morning when you woke up… you had a perfect idea. We wish life was that simple and we did not have to put in the effort for every victory. So, quit procrastinating and come back to the reality. Drafting a full-fledged thesis is no walk in the park.

A dissertation is the same as a thesis – extended academic writing. In other words, it is the research report that you have to submit to accomplish your PhD degree or diploma. It is extremely intensive and elaborate.

This sort of research is mainly primary where the students have to conduct everything by themselves. First, they find a topic and create a question, then do the investigation and analyse the results. All by themselves. This is a tough nut to crack hence anyone attempting a thesis needs assistance. However, who would help without it being considered cheating?

Social Media Helping In Your Dissertation? Give Me A Break

Obviously, we are not taking assistance from any thesis writing services so what are we relying on then? It is the social media podiums. They are our true best friends no matter what. Its diverse nature benefits us in all walks of life: entertainment, communication and now even throughout education. Yeah! This might seem a little weird now but until the end of this article, we will surely have you convinced.

The dissertation mainly has seven subdivisions. Out of all those, our main concern today will be the ‘meat’ of our thesis that are the six elaborate chapters. They include an introduction, literature review, methodology, result, discussion, conclusion and sometimes recommendation.

Choosing Your Motive

Once you have agreed on a topic. It becomes easy to navigate your journey but then again how to agree on a topic. Is it that easy? No. It is not but we can use online platforms to ease our way creatively.

For this, you need to make a professional profile on apps like Facebook, ResearchGate, X (formerly Twitter) or Reddit. Then add relevant groups of people to that profile and create a personal space for formal discussions. Moreover, increase your engagement and visibility by using tricks like incorporating relevant hashtags in your posts. You can also comment on other’s research to make connections and learn.

Hence, there is enough exposure for you and you can use these bits of information to formulate your problem statement.

Gathering Contributors

The second but most important stage is having the right audience to answer the questionnaires that you have prepared. You cannot go begging everybody to fill out your forms. This will destroy the reliability of your results.

Thus, you approach the internet community through LinkedIn and Quora. Here you can easily find contributors with the same interest. In this way, you also save time. Other than that, you can get yourself added to specific groups and chat rooms to have better insights into the topic of your dissertation.

Therefore, it is best to ditch former ways of research and adopt this new method. This is quicker and much more effective. Moreover, you can also crowdsource anything online from ideas to collaboration and even ask for feedback.

Accumulating Data

Now is the final step where you accumulate data for our thesis project. This is significant because the data needs to be trustworthy. Perhaps this is why some people turn to online sites like Dissertation Help UK.

Reliable participants are an assurance of steadfast results. However, because the dissertation is a document of great importance. We cannot endure any risks. Therefore, it is necessary to double-check all your facts. You can make use of social media polls on Facebook, the Ask Me Anything feature on Instagram or trend hashtags on X (former Twitter).

People love to be interviewed, which is why if you post a question, everyone joins the cause to give their two cents. Furthermore, you can join an online forum for open discussion and analyze the comments and replies. Such things are much more unbiased and give you a better reflection of one’s personality.

Working On Prominence

You successfully found yourself an interesting topic in a niche of your choice. Then you gathered a relevant audience and accumulated data through online survey forms. Now let us talk about how we can use the internet community to increase the visibility of your dissertation.

You can begin by posting the rationale and aim of your research on the online forums. The algorithms will find their way using keywords to display your work to the appropriate audience. On the other hand, you can also ask your friends to share your work or probably opt for paid advertisements.

As a result, your efforts reach a broader audience and you receive some unprejudiced feedback. Other times, you might want to use your critical thinking skills to verify the information that you receive. In addition, you can share the results of your research if it is not confidential data. Alternatively, maybe you can create a blog using tags and keywords that help you rank higher in SERPs.


Here is a summary of the benefits that you gain while using social media forums to complete your dissertation. Firstly, it is the greatest of all time communication medium for the public. Everyone has free access to each other and even the professionals are within reach very conveniently. You do not have to move mountains for just one appointment of them.

In addition, the online community has become a go-to place for even the tiniest discomfort. Did you break your nail? Post a question. Are you getting bored? Start an ‘ask me anything’ session on Instagram. Are you feeling hungry? Ask for recommendations. Precisely, the internet has solutions to all your problems so; Why not use it for your thesis too?

It is a grand podium for sharing thoughts, opinions, ideas and even resources. However, remember to always give back to the community you take from. You should remain humble and leave gratifying reviews/comments. Alternatively, you might even show your appreciation by sharing someone’s work that helped you.

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