Best Apps For Students | 5 Apps That Will Change Your Life

Best Apps For Students | 5 Apps That Will Change Your Life

As a student, you would understand how overwhelming the day-to-day responsibilities can be. From all those tiring extracurricular activities to school work, it is quite seamless to feel as if there is not enough time in the day.

And by having those mischievous smartphones always within hand’s reach, it becomes even more complicated to stay organised and focused.

According to studies, typically, a person spends more or less 3 hours and 15 minutes each day on their phones. Spending this much time online can truly lead to subpar academic performance and negatively impact productivity.

But hold on! How about we use these smartphones as our own secret little weapons to achieve academic excellence?

That is right! With the right apps, you can indeed make your phone turn from being a distraction to a dynamic tool in no time.

From productivity timers that help maintain focus to note-taking ones and budgeting apps to save some bucks, there is an abundance of resources waiting to be used by the students.

So, how about we embrace technology this time and use it to its maximum potential? With the right apps, you can also make the most of your time.

Instead of making your smartphone hold you back, it is high time you turn it into your study buddy right now! Let us explore some of the most useful apps for students in 2024 below.

5 Apps That Every Student Must Use To Increase Their Productivity

#1 – Essayist

Just as its name suggests, this app assists students with their “write my essay” requests. It automatically applies your preferred citation styles, such as Harvard, MLA, Turabian/Chicago, APA, etc., to your essays. Moreover, it also helps with referencing, in-text citations, formatting, page footers and headers, as well as title pages. This is not all; Essayist also assists with page setup, including line spacing, font style, page numbering, font size, and a lot more.

This app also comes with a reference manager feature that permits students to include chapters from magazines, books, websites, journals, and even movies. There are more than 23 reference types in total. Also, students can use Google Scholar to copy and paste a URL or add references. This app requires a subscription of around $4.99 per month. However, new users get a free trial.

#2 – StoryShots

If you are the sort of candidate who waits until the very last minute to open the book (trust us, we all have been there), then we suggest you install StoryShots. It is a free learning app that offers book summaries in audio, text, and video formats.

It breaks books down into bite-size chunks, providing the readers with only a handful of paragraphs that sum up the most vital parts of the book. This app is extremely useful for students who wish to learn about a particular topic in a limited time (especially for looming deadlines and upcoming exams). Moreover, it is handy for visual learners as this app offers mind maps, infographics, short videos, presentations, and much more.

StoryShots is absolutely free with ads. However, you can also get your hands on a paid version for about $3.99 per month and open doors for a number of premium features, including full e-books, offline reading, audiobooks, etc. This is not it, but it also gives you the ability to take notes in different languages and highlight them along with books.

#3 – Photomath

Photomath – your companion to solve all those nasty math problems. This math-solving app scans all the problems and displays a step-by-step solution to teach the students how to solve different mathematical equations. All the users have to do is point their cameras at the math problem (either typed out or handwritten), and this app analyses it to determine the answer. It also comes with an in-app calculator to help those users who want to manually enter the equation.

But there is one drawback to using this app. That is ­- the free version of Photomath only shows the first two or three steps only. Thus, the users have to purchase the subscription to unlock the entire answer. The subscription costs about $9.99 per month. But hey! As a new user, you can avail a free trial of about seven days.

#4 – Peech

Next up, we have Peech – it is a text-to-speech reader that turns any text format, book, PDF, or web article into audio format. The logic of a text-to-speech generator alone is sufficient to make the multitasking students happy. This app can come in handy for students while walking to class, commuting to school, etc. It is truly a dream come true for people suffering from low vision, dyslexia, and other similar conditions that can make it difficult to read. Such people can seek college assignment help UK to get their essays written and then hear them word-by-word by using this app. Apart from its free version, this app also allows users to upload as many documents, links to articles, and PDFs as they wish, only by paying $4.99 a week.

#5 – Evernote

The last most useful app for students on our list is Evernote. It is a task-management and note-taking app that could be useful for students willing to stay organised throughout the year. The most fascinating feature of this app is that it offers numerous templates for different requirements.

For instance, it provides essay outlines, reading lists, class notes, weekly planners, to-do lists, and much more. In this way, users are free to organise their class notes in digital “notebooks” which allows them to easily categorise their documents on the basis of the specific semester or class. This app also possesses a unique feature that permits the users to attach tables, pictures, web content, audio, and much more.

Evernote provides a free plan having basic features. Moreover, it also has two premium options – personal and professional. You can learn more about these plans by visiting the website of Evernote by clicking this link:

Summing It All Up!

And that is a wrap! The apps that we mentioned above are some of the most useful apps for students who are looking to boost their productivity. Not only can these apps skyrocket their overall productivity but they also make it easier for them to learn fresh topics. So, give them a go and see for yourself. You will surely see a massive change in your learning abilities as well as your overall productivity after using these apps. The best part is that they are not restricted to students only. Thus, you can also install any group you feel most relatable to, and that is your cue!

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