How to Learn the Undeniable Techniques of Plagiarism Free Assignments?

Do you ever get tired of waking up every morning doing the same academic routine and fighting the pile of assignment with their emerging deadlines? I sure know I do. The most tedious task is the correction of the plagiarized stuff in the assignments. I absolutely dreaded these corrections which were at their peak during my last year at college. The atrocity of the assignment that takes residency in every stage of a student’s life is undeniable. In order to provide students with every detail of this laborious task, I have listed everything down which my child brain could handle:

Q: What is plagiarism?

The terms plagiarism derives its root from the idea and strategies which depicts someone else’s idea as his own. The plagiarism essence depicts three sorts of ideas which are illustrated below:

First, it means to use someone else idea or words as your own, without actually acknowledging the source. Second, to rephrase the words or sentences of someone else report or paper without mentioning the sources used. Finally, it also includes the integration of the ideas or expression derived from certain source but not reporting the source on the paper o9r crediting the author.

Q: What are the hard truths about plagiarism?

There is always the presence of a grey area is writing. The plagiarists are always there because there are a certain set of rules which are not illuminated properly, leading to the production of plagiarized content. The submission of the plagiarized assignments by the students also results because they are unable to make space for the assortment of assignments because of their tight schedule, leaving them to adopt the shortcuts leading to the production of plagiarised assignments.

Q: How can be plagiarism avoided?

The enlisted tips have helped me produce a paper which has approved plagiarism percentage and sometimes zero. These tips are:

  • Plan the structure

It means the formation of an outline. The outline can be created by structuring it properly so that you have a vivid image of how you want your paper to appear. The clearer the image you have, the more you are able to form the less the plagiarism aspect in the paper. Jot down the points on a separate paper which you have and on other the points which you derive from the sources. This practice assists you in distinguishing the sentences to be cited or not,

  • Using your own ideas

The integration of your ideas leads to the production of papers which are plagiarism free. This also eliminates the plagiarisms probability in the paper. However, there lies one problem with it, it is that the ideas that you have integrated may have been meld with other. Therefore, one must not adopt a blind writing approach and should tally the ideas with others, to avoid every probability of plagiarism in the content.

  • Proper Paraphrasing

Students in hurry often take their assignments for granted and use ambiguous statements. The ambiguity of these sentences instead of augmenting the strength of the paper mitigates it. Therefore, the student must work beforehand, reevaluate the resources, and derive their own thoughts from the content. The evaluation makes the paraphrasing alignment easy and smooth. One must also be nurtured that the quotations inclusive in the papers must use quotation marks and must be in exact words of the author.

  • Proper citing of sources

It is important to be diligent with the citation of the sources from which the data is derived. It is primarily concerned with the exhibition of the basic information from the source such as author name, year published, journal name, and stuff that is more relevant. The adaptation of this approach allows the students to cite the paper easily, mitigating plagiarism occurrence.

  • Acknowledge your own writing style

One of the most successful techniques to overcome plagiarism is using your own voice. Developing your own voice reduced the chances of integrating the words in the exact manner as the other author may have. This makes paper production easy and efficient, saving us the hassle of plagiarism.

  • Use of plagiarism checker

Don’t overlook the importance of the plagiarism checker when plagiarism free assignments are concerned. These are the system, which detects the copied or duplicated sentences so that amendments can take place prior to submission. The rectification of these allows the students to submit assignments without any fear of plagiarism.


The inclusion of these practices can to a great extent reduced the plagiarism practices. To be honest, the plagiarism practice cannot be eradicated from the student’s life. As long as we are motivated and inclined towards taking shortcuts, these practices are bound to exist. These will remain part of the student’s life, unless and until a solid approach is crafted for the elimination of them seeking such practices.

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