10 Smart college life hacks that every college student needs to know

College life is one of the most amazing points of our life; it provides us new opportunities and new challenges. These 4 years of college life are filled with joys and tears; we make new friends that become part of our future. It is one of the most important parts of our life; we learn many things that become useful in the future when we enter in our professional life. Therefore, before starting this journey, I will share some college life hack that students will find useful.

1).  Have daily goals

For students, it is very important to have the daily goals because your daily goals will help you in bringing out your best and help you in remaining focused on achieving your daily goals. With this trick, you will always be prepared.

2).  Make the best of the productivity tools

With the use of the mobile apps, everything has become so much easier; tons of apps are there that can help you in improving your productivity so use the different apps designed for planning, scheduling, note taking and cooperation to improve your productivity. These apps will save your valuable time and help you to stay prepared.

3).  Increase the speed of the recorded lecture

Recording a teacher’s lecture is a common thing these days so you will record his lectures as well. However, do you know that you can save time by increasing the speed of recorded lecture?  Some of the teachers deliver lecture very slowly so audio editing software will be very useful in increasing their voice speed, this trick will save your valuable time.

4).  Use traditional note taking method

We are living in an era, where technological help is preferred, students are using laptops and mobiles to take class notes but we advise students to stick to the traditional method of note taking. You will be shocked to hear that it is proved that students, who used traditional methods of note taking, remembered more than students, who used technological methods.

5).  Say goodbye to multitasking

Although many people believe that, it is great to do multitasking, but multitasking decreases our productivity. It will be better if you stay away from laptop and mobile phone when you are trying to study. Distraction during studies can disturb your mood.

6).  Organize your study room

Organizing your study room is the best way to become efficient and manage your time in a better way. You will not believe that how much time you will save when you will not have to search your whole room for a certain thing because you will know where everything is

7).  Stay in shape

A student should not spend all of his time in studies because if he would do that, then he will be losing some of his productivity. By doing daily exercises, you will improve your productivity and will become sharper, even medical doctors recommend everyone to do daily exercise.

8).  Eat properly

Healthy eating is needed for a healthy life. It is very important for the students to eat right kind of foods; students should eat healthy food that will improve their mental and physical health. You should avoid junk food as much as possible because it makes a person slower and lazy.  In addition, it is proven with the research that healthy people are better at studies than the unhealthy people.

9).  Sleep on time

Get enough rest and sleep on time. Students should have a habit of sleeping on time and they should take a proper sleep. Sleeping habit is strongly related to academic performance of the students, the students who take proper sleep have a better academic record than the students that do not take proper sleep have.

10).  Live a stress-free life

College life is full of stress and tension because of the daily workload so it is better to take some time out and relax. Everyone feels some level of stress but that stress should not disturb your productivity, too much stress and tension can hinder your academic performance.

You can reduce the level of stress by either doing some mental activity or some physical activity. You can play games, watch movies, listen to music, go out with your friends, play sports or do exercises. These all activities will help you forget your worries and help you in improving your academic scores.


Every student should know these ten hacks because these hacks will help them in getting the best out of themselves and will make the learning process much easier for them. Students will have a very memorable college life if they will follow these hacks.

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