How to make an excellent college presentation

The presentation is a crucial part of college life because during a college life every teacher asks the students to make a presentation, as it is the requirement of every course. The presentation is a small part of your overall score so students should know how to make a presentation properly.

Seven points that are required to make an excellent college presentation

  1. Choose a topic of your interestIt is very important to choose a topic according to your interest and passion, you talk about it in a captivating manner and provide complete and proper information about it when you choose it. People have complete information about the things in which they are interested that is why they find it easy to discuss it. You will love making a presentation about the topic in which you have an interest and will speak confidently about it.

    However, if a teacher assigns you a topic, then you have to make your presentation on it.

  2. Collect informationAfter a topic is selected or is assigned, you should search information about it on the internet or any other medium, you will find a lot of information about your topic on the internet, and it will increase your knowledge and understanding. The Internet will give you diverse information from around the globe about your topic; it will broaden your mind and perspective about your topic. Always use a reliable source for collecting information because on the internet, a lot of information is incorrect or unverified and your audience will not like to hear lies.
  3. Identify your audience After collecting information from a reliable source, your next step is to find information about your audience to whom you will give the presentation. Identifying your audience is very important because when your presentation is not tailored to your audience, it does not receive the attention of your audience and your audience does not understand it.

    The purpose of the presentation is to inform or persuade the audience, and without identifying your audience, the purpose would not be fulfilled. After identifying your audience, you will know who your audience is, what interests your audience, what is the level of understanding of your audience and many other important details about them. It will help you in choosing the words, selecting the appropriate style and delivering the presentation successfully.

  4. IntroductionAfter identifying your audience, you can start writing and preparing your presentation; you can choose how to introduce your topic according to your audience; you can start with the question, quotation, scenario or a joke. Your introduction should contain the main points about your presentation and must be kept short; it is a crucial part of capturing the attention of your audience so you should make sure that you start with an attention-catching introduction.
  5. Body After an attention-grabbing introduction, the main part of your presentation comes, where you provide complete information about the points you mention in the introduction, it is the part where audience loses attention because of which you are unable to deliver your presentation successfully. So make sure that the body of your presentation is successful in retaining your audience concentration, you can keep your audience focused by using more visuals and fewer words, and where ever you are using words, keep it short and in bullet format.
  6. ConclusionTell your audience briefly, what they have learned in the presentation. You have to summarize your presentation; let your audience know that it is the last part of the presentation in order to increase their concentration level and deliver it in a memorable manner. In the end, ask them if they have any question, answer questions and thank them for listening to you.
  7. Use of visualsUse of visuals can help in delivering your presentation successfully so make sure that you use appropriate images, which support your point and keep audience attention level high. The use of color, fonts, presentation style and charts can increase the concentration level of your audience. With the help of the chart, you can prove your point. Use of visuals will influence the attention level and will not let your audience get bored during the presentation.


When a college student is starting to work on his presentation, then it is important to consider these points, as these points will help in delivering an effective presentation so that audience can easily understand it, in making your presentation according to your audience and in keeping their concentration level high during your presentation.

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