Seven Time Management Tips for Students

Seven Time Management Tips for Students

One who manages his time successfully is the one leading the world, all the famous people, who are leading in our hearts, were strict followers of time; they valued time like money, made sure that they did every task in a time efficient manner and followed these rules to save their time.

1. Plan your activities and set time limit for them

Planning is the key to everything, with planning you can manage your task adequately and save a lot of valuable time. It is better to know in advance, what you will do and the time each task will take. After evaluating, the thing each task will take you should set a time limit for each task. From sleep, studies, enjoyment, food and other activities, all these activities should have a time limit.

You should write it the piece of paper so that you can never forget what you have to do. It is better to set a reminder so that you are reminded about it when you forget the task. Your planning should allow flexibility and should give higher priority to that task, which is more important.

2. Know what and how long you can take

It is important to know your limitation because it is considered during the planning process. If you make a plan without considering your weakness, then at the time of implementation you will find difficulties. Students should know that there are certain things that they cannot do easily and require more time in finishing it.

Students should also know that they cannot do a big task in one go, they feel bored doing one task and leave that task for later, by doing another task before doing it again.

3. Sleep well and stay fit & healthy

Proper sleep and diet, are crucial for better and quicker performance, it is proven through a research that sleep deprivation causes poor academic performance, poor memory and even reduce your speed of performing a task. If you do not sleep 6 hours for two consecutive days, so you will feel lazy for six days. Even a delay in the sleep will decrease one’s speed for the next day.

Eating healthy food and improving fitness level also play a big part in making you active and improving your performance. Breakfast should be healthy because it plays a vital part in the performances of a person including his work speed. You should exercise daily to keep your body fit for better performance and output; all these things play a crucial part in completing a task quicker and saving a lot of time.

4. Block all the things that can waste your time

When you are doing academic work, so keep your cell phones away; download all the material required for work in your laptop before studying. When you are studying, you will have the temptation to do other things, but you have to keep your focus on the work. Without cell phone and the internet, you will not be able to do other things like chatting with friends on social media app and surf the internet for enjoyment; cell phone and internet are the two biggest culprits of wasting your time.

5. Use technology to save time.

Instead of using technology for wasting your time, you should use technology for saving your time. If you do not like going outside for shopping, then order things online. Use internet and smart phone to save time; pay utility bills online and turn on email notifications in the smart phone because it will save time that you would spend by logging into your account of each email service provider.  There are many other ways that you can use a smart phone to save extra time.

6. Clean your room every week and keep things organized

Having an organized room can help you in saving crucial time; try to calculate the total amount of time you spent searching for a thing in your room. When you keep your room clean and things well organized, so you do not need to waste time in searching for them. You will know where you will find specific things because of the way you have organized your room.

7. Take regular lectures

For a student, it is critical to attend every single class. When a student misses a lecture, so he has to study the whole topic taught in that lecture multiple times with full concentration to understand it well. It wastes his time because he could have understood it better and quicker if he had taken that class.


It is essential for the students to develop a time-saving habit because it saves them from many troubles including health related, sleep related and performance related. You can avoid these three problems by following these seven tips.

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