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How to Stay Motivated During Exam Season — Tips and Guide

The hardest part during exam season is to keep yourself motivated throughout because if you don’t you might not score well. And you don’t want anything to affect your studies, right? Well, we have been through the same and every student has to go through it countless times but that does not mean you shouldn’t stress out. You can and you should because that’s how a normal student processes, or else you might have to deal with a headache.

To be precise, it’s not about the exams or fear that you might get failed or something but it’s about the burden that we have to carry for a whole semester each year. The year passes, so as the stress level. But not this year! You can deal with it this time and all the upcoming years with the help of this guide. The aim of this guide is to tell you how you can stay motivated during your exam sessions.

Ten Tips To Stay Motivated During Exams

It’s too early to celebrate 

Celebrations are good but not too early or when they are not needed. Your friends might end their sessions before you and start celebrating, it’s good for them but you are not supposed to join them. Because you have a lot on your plate right now and this party might distract you. You don’t need a distraction right now. You can celebrate later when you are done with your exam season. 

Be organized 

The next thing that you need to do in order to stay motivated is to be organized. Half of your stress and anxiety would vanish only if you try to be a little more assembled. Break down the work into sections so you don’t get overwhelmed with all of it. It will also help you to manage and keep the track of everything. We’d suggest creating a to-do list so you can cross off each time the thing is done.

Small wins matter 

There is no certain rule that says only a grand victory or achievement matters. Everything that takes your time and effort matters whether it’s small or big. Even the smallest wins like completing half of your syllabus require an appreciation so that you can stay motivated no matter what. Not acknowledging small achievements can cause demotivation and we don’t need that right now, do we? All of the tips and guides are useless if you don’t understand this very point.

Choose the right friends to study 

Your social circle in life impacts a lot on how well you do in your life. If you keep hanging out with people who are not serious about their goals and future, it might leave a negative impact on you. Try to surround yourself with friends who motivate you to study and want you to do great in your exams. Moral support is an essential factor whether it comes from the members of your family or friends. This indicates that they are rooting for you and you have got their back whenever you need them, even if you ask them ‘to write my dissertation. Of course, that’s something you should do yourself but it’s good to know that there is someone you can turn to, to seek help.

Take good care of yourself 

This should be on the top of the list because it is the most important tip of this guide. How can you stay motivated during exam season if you don’t take good care of your health? Health should come first in any matter because only a healthy mind can process well and a healthy body allows you to take on different challenges. Hence, if you are feeling nauseous or sick you should stop the work and get yourself checked. Besides, make sure you keep yourself hydrated throughout. Getting sick is pretty common during exams but each body has different levels of capability to handle sickness. But that does not mean you start checking your levels.

Study blocks 

This might sound absurd but the research conducted at the University of Illinois says that brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve one’s ability to focus on that task for prolonged periods. This makes us think that you should often take breaks during studies because it is going to help you absorb everything you study.  Isn’t it the best motivation during an exam?

Think positive 

Not at any cost let negativity take over your mind and let you think you are going to fail your exam. Stay optimistic because a positive attitude towards education and work can do wonders. And you should not stay like this during exams only but this is needed throughout your life. You might have heard what they say about it, one can never live a positive life with a negative approach, therefore, make sure you don’t have that in you. Positivity helps you to stay motivated and if you don’t believe us, you can try it yourself.

Ask for help

Never and ever hesitate to ask for help because we are all learners here, we teach and we learn every day regardless of how many degrees we have. If you are having a hard time writing your thesis, we’d suggest taking the assistance of professional PhD thesis writing services. It wouldn’t only save you some time but you can utilize that time to prepare for other courses. Since online academic help has become so common, students prefer to complete their tasks if they can’t do them themselves. No matter where are you lacking, you can always go for it and take help.

This is temporary 

As funny as it sounds, this is the truth and reality of things we do, this is all temporary and it will pass. So, stressing over your exams when you clearly know that you can do it better and improvise every day, is baseless. Either you can focus on your studies to the fullest or cry about something that can easily happen. When your exams are over, you’d be sitting on a couch, eating popcorn, and you’ll regret why you did not do any better. So, before you do that I think,

Listen to your body 

As we have mentioned above that you should take care of yourself, in this one we are going to tell you how you can listen to your body more effectively. You can do it using the HALT method and by that, we mean,

H (are you hungry?)

A (are you angry?)

L (are you lonely?)

T (are you tired?)

When you are continuously working on something, it affects your thought processing and after a certain time, your mind just shut down. That’s why you need to take short breaks in between. And we believe this should be practiced on a wider scale and not only during scales. You should always listen to your body and gut instinct.


Following are the tips that should be enough to keep you motivated throughout your exam season and not that but also helps you to do better. But remember one thing, don’t be hard on yourself because, at the end of the day, your score does not define your maturity nor tell us how intellectual you are. Have a great day ahead!

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