Dissertation Acknowledgement with Examples

9 Tips to Write a Dissertation Acknowledgement with Examples

A dissertation is a piece of writing, that serves the prime purpose of fulfilling the need which is determined to obtain an under graduation, post-graduation, or doctorate degree. It is written at the end of your semester basically in your final year. So that you are well qualified and well aware of the facts and figures. The reason for writing, in the end, is also you can have plenty of time to think about your research proposal and with what supervisor you want to work. Things like these take time so in the concluding factor, you are in proper shape to welcome such challenge and hard work.

But apart from the research proposal, introduction, methodology, literature review, discussion and conclusion comes acknowledgment at the very beginning. Which is the most important yet most emotional piece to write too. As it carries a great number of significance attached to it. It is a way of saying thanks to those who have helped you to complete your dissertation and by mentioning them in the acknowledgment section you are paying your gratitude. But, there are some pointers that have to be followed to write a compelling yet beautiful acknowledgment section in your research thesis.

Thanking contributors

A student should mention all those names who have helped him complete the thesis, or at least those who played an active part in the completion. There can be a number of people addressed like; funding bodies, supervisors, professors, laboratory assistants, librarians, colleagues, editors, classmates, research participants, family members, and friends. Do not mention casual friends’ names as it will impact the purity of this section.

Although it is customary to say thanks in the beginning who have given valuable advice in your thesis completion if we look into the great scientist Sir Stephen Hawking kind of acknowledgment, which he has given. He simply said “This dissertation is my original work”, and just like that he made many discoveries.

Full names should be mentioned

To ensure your work reflects a certain professor’s guidelines, then you must mention his full name as it will impact the authoritative genre. Although it is a customary habit to use the full name and pay that credit where it is due. Also full name with sometimes a surname attached to it makes the person look professional and worthy on the acknowledgment page.

Covering family and friends

Your family is the first when it comes to giving you moral support which you need to pave your way ahead in your goal. But, it is also a fact that friends do give the energy boost when it is needed the most. So yes they are equally very important and yes they do play a very pivotal part in the completion of the dissertation. But, you have to choose whom you want to mention. As you cannot make your acknowledgment section look crowded and out of the place.

Do include supervisors

It is mandatory for pupils to must mention their supervisor’s name even if they feel they did not provide that much support for the thesis. For example; students may feel the supervisor did not provide the required contribution which was needed throughout the research process. But, on the contrary, students must write the supervisor’s name in the dissertation acknowledgment section. Because, if failed to do so, it will go directly impact your academic result. And, you have to bear the consequences in the end.

The writing order of dissertation acknowledgment 

In the writing order in thanking, there is a hierarchy that has to be followed. For instance; funders, supervisors, other academicians, colleagues, family, and friends. This is the order which is used by many students for constructing acknowledgment if you have not enough skills and knowledge you can take dissertation writing services from expert writers.

Brief and Convincing Language

The dissertation acknowledgment section should be concise and persuasive in language. So in this manner scholars should write in a natural tone. In short, words, phrases, or wordings used should not sound funny or hit the sarcasm brick. Students avoid repetitions, as it will make your content weak and segments will sound vague in approach. So it is better to use praiseworthy and compelling linguistics as the acknowledgment section is the most widely read section in the entire thesis.

Usage of personal language

The first tip which should be used while constructing the thesis acknowledgment section is to use the 1st-person style. For instance, words like; I, and my, usage makes the foreword look more appealing and heartfelt. Conjunctions like firstly, secondly, and lastly also do impact and increase the weight of the acknowledgment section. Some common sentences used in this section are

  • I would like to thank you, professor……….
  • Lastly, I want to dedicate this thesis to my parents…….
  • Without your support I won’t be able to stand here……..
  • I am indebted to…..

Body and paragraph

The paragraph and body should be in systematic order. Like you have to construct a proper introduction. Just like you do in an essay or writing anything after that paragraphs should be in synchronization like they should make sense and be incoherent.

Proofread in the end

After all the work is done and dusted, comes the most anticipated yet most challenging part. That is to proofread all the exertion. It should be done in a manner where every mistake or wordiness has to be removed. It is said that one-time reading is not enough as the glance still is not able to catch the mistakes in one go. So approximately two times you have to read in order to make your content error-free.


The acknowledgment section is one of the most looked forward to and read parts of the thesis writing. It is like paying gratitude to the ones who have helped you in the thesis phase and also played part in that. You can mention your supervisor, colleagues, professors, or simply your friend or your family member. The tone should be praiseworthy inflict, no humor or sarcasm should be attached to it.

Dissertation Acknowledgement With Examples

Acknowledgement Examples

Acknowledgement sample

Acknowledgement Examples

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