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How to Write an Ethics Essay: The best guide with tips, steps and topic ideas

What is ethics as a subject?

The word “Ethics” derived from the Greek vocabulary word “Ethos” that means custom. Therefore this subject focuses on the philosophical context related to moral right and wrong or, moral good and bad. This subject teaches us the virtues of being right or wrong. This substance of this subject is a branch of philosophy, which has incremented its roots deep into the subject. Ethics also revolve around the core of society when they act right in prejudice or wrong in ego or anger. Basically, this subject is all about the decisions, actions, societal laws, or philosophical aspects that a person or a nation has made in context to that whether siding with the right or sidelining with wrong deeds.

Ethics essay

An Ethics essay should revolve around ethical values and morality concepts. That is the guidelines or rules laid by the organization and your character or decision in context to that set of rules. You see these two factors should be incorporated into your essay to make it acceptable on ethical grounds.

If we talk about this stream of essays, it comes at every level in a student’s life. Be it in high school, college, or at the university level. Because the main idea of ethics is widely accepted in the niche of humanities and business, several courses infused with ethics come under these education programs.

The overall structure of the ethics essay is the same as any other essay which has an introduction, sometimes a thesis statement, the body has paragraphs, and it should end with a conclusion. But the way you should carry that makes it different in its approach.

How to write an ethics essay in easy steps

Here we will provide you with easy steps which will help you to get a grip on ethics essays.

Research about the topic

The first and foremost thing which you have to do before writing is to research the topic. There are several topics available that fit the nature of your subject. You should investigate and find the one which suits perfectly the given guideline and have room to give your two cents in that spectrum. The topic chosen topic should relate to ethics or morals. In that way, you can take it further and give your decision or your point of view regarding that matter. Because in the end, it’s your opinion or side that matters in relevance to the issue.

You should also check that the chosen topic should have available resources on the internet or any books written in the spectrum. Because without any authoritarian resource you cannot dive any further. So a background check is a must.

Brainstorm the ideas

After you researched the topic and finalized the area to work on it. The next step is brainstorming and to contemplate your findings. You must have gathered enough information, articles, news, journals, and books regarding the subject of your essay. Now comes the phase where you have to let go of some pieces which don’t make sense, as too much irrelevant information will make your content sound weak. So better pick the most significant one and amalgamate that in your essay.

Make an outline

in the third step make an outline of an essay. Use simple language to construct a blue print.  Make sure to include what points should be focused on, at what point you have to give your opinion, and what aspects need your decision. Things like this should be highlighted under this tab and an alignment should be followed. Or if at some point you find difficulty in completing your essay, you can simply search, “write my essay for me” on Google and we will come to help you out.

Construct and write your essay

In this step, you have after all the compilation of information and outline have to construct the body of the essay. You have to write introduction, paragraphs and lastly a conclusion. The introductory paragraph should define the topic of your essay and elaborate the essence of it. After that paragraphs should have coherence, a flow between them, supporting data, argument, and your decision. In the conclusion, the summary of entire content should be provided with a verdict of yours.

Proofread and revise 

The last stage of constructing your ethical essay is to revise and proofread. After completion of your essay, give yourself some time to rest and refresh your mind. After that read your essay to see if there is any grammatical, punctuation, vocabulary, or other mistakes. Make sure the written piece should be flawless and error free.

If possible ask someone else to look through your essay one more time or take essay or assignment proofreading services UK from expert writers. As a new perspective and constructive criticism won’t harm anybody, aren’t we right?

Ethics essay topic ideas

Here are some topic ideas which will help you in generating the best paper possible.

Early child marriage. Is it necessary to overcome the rape index in rural India?

Satanism. Is Satanism should be given equal importance like church?

Atheist. Does an atheist have a strong belief in humanity?

Portion control. Is portion control a good and a balanced way to lead a healthy life without exercise?

Domestic violence. Why even at this age women go through this?

Racism. Over skin color, even in a dark-skinned country like India why?

LGBTQ+. The world perspective and yours in regard to the Bible?

Cross-breeding. Is cross-breeding ethical?

Black lives matter. Does this campaign justify the main purpose of the protest?

Old age homes. In the western world why old age homes are increasing in contrast to the east?

Same-sex marriage. Impact on their offspring’s brain in a positive or a negative way?

Drugs. Legalizing drugs will overcome the overdose or smuggling?

Circuses and zoos. Is this morally right to enslave animals in cages?

Feminism. In the 21st century why being a feminist is still considered a joke?

Religion. Influence in politics is ethically right or wrong?

Euthanasia. Is it morally correct or wrong?

Determining child sex before birth.  In backward countries where still boys are preferred over girls, do the government should implement a ban on sex determination, is this ethically right in contrast to today’s world?

Vaccination. Government forcing individuals for vaccination is this action morally correct?

COVID-19. The new normal of social distancing will impact older people’s lives, is this statement right or wrong?

Ethics essay writing tips

Following are some notable essay writing tips which should be followed to generate a flawless ethics essay.

  • Pick a topic that entices you.
  • Do research like you are doing an investigation.
  • Data mine the given topic in depth.
  • Follow the protocol prescribed by your teacher.
  • Controversial topics always work in ethical essays.
  • Always use trusted sources to cite your essay.
  • If the topic is scientific do include the research and readings conducted by the scientist.
  • Always opt for the side that you think is morally correct.
  • Explain your points in an easy and direct way.
  • Give the topic some time to seep into your brain.
  • Feel free to use opinions, journals, or notable quotations to get a stronghold on your side.
  • Be sure your paper is error-free and has correct grammar.
  • Coherence and cohesive is the key to keep the reader glued.
  • Always use your imagination and original content.
  • Be sure there should be no uncited source.

If you follow these tips, you won’t get any problem while constructing and writing your ethics essay.

Ethics essay example

Child Marriage is ethically right or wrong?

Childhood is a phase where there are no worries for the future or even to be precise for the next minute. It’s a world where there is no responsibility, no hate, no understanding albeit, just fun, laughter, and memories. It is a stage where we shed tears out of joy or out of mischief, where we are free of obligation. But, just imagine when at this tender age when a child is put on the marriage grounds, where they are forced by the parents to tie the knot, where they simply don’t know what the word marriage is and where they don’t know what husband means.

Close your eyes and think about it, a girl merely aged seven is being married off to a grownup man of 50 years. Just make a mind picture about this situation and contemplate it. This is a common scenario in rural India, where child brides are sold just for a few bucks or for a sack of wheat. Where they are sexually assaulted by their so-called partners in the name of marriage. Where they are bound to bear children out of their womb even when they themselves are kids.

Although there are many child protection laws in countries like India, Nepal, and Cambodia. But, it all goes in vain when even the police and child services are helpless in front of the feudal lords. Of course, this is a heinous crime and it is ethically, morally and by all true means are wrong.

Because, this is an age when a human is free from all barriers, where there is no boundary, no restrictions, only freedom, love, and care. This is what in a true sense a child should see and witness. This is their birthright, this is what they should live and breathe “FREEDOM”. 

sample essay will help you to get an idea about the topic flow. And if find any difficulty after reading all these pointers then you should surely contact the essay writing service as they are professional and will provide best guidance possible.

To sum up

Ethics as a subject is very challenging and opinionated to some extent, you have to nose dive into the pool of possibilities to adhere best morally correct outcome. But, writing an essay on this subject is a fascinating ride, where you have a plethora of opportunities to work. As the main essence of this subject is to choose between morally right or wrong. Lastly, you have to be sure in your stance and stood by it with strong supporting proof in accordance with the topic.

We have provided each and every minute detail, which will be going to help you to score definitely an A on your paper. So tighten up your belt and enjoy your ethics essay while writing.

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