identify the difference b/w thesis and dissertation

How to identify the difference between thesis and dissertation

It is often the case that the terms “thesis” and “dissertation” are used interchangeably. Many people confuse one for the other. As a student, it is important to differentiate between the two. As it has a considerable impact on the biggest of projects that you come across academically.

There are plenty of differences between a thesis and a dissertation. We have broken them down to help you understand the requirements of each. Being able to identify them makes either project more convenient to handle.


When you opt for a doctoral program in order to earn your PhD, conducting research is a part of it. You learn how to do it during the course of your studies. At the completion of the program, a dissertation must be produced.

It is basically a lengthy assignment base upon expanded or original research on a new or existing subject. The writer gets to choose the topic they want to explore which falls within their field.


A thesis is also scholarly in nature, but it is for students who are graduating with a master’s degree. Through this project one displays their expertise and knowledge about the material they have studied.

It could be around a hundred pages or slightly longer than that. Which makes a thesis much shorter than a dissertation in comparison. It can be perceived as the crowning glory of all the hard work a student has done through their academic years.

Differences between a thesis and dissertation

The most prominent difference between these two types of academic papers is the research aspect. A thesis is created upon research subjects that have been previously explored.

A dissertation, however, more often requires the student to indulge in their own research. And present a complete analysis following their observations of the topic.

The purpose behind each of these writings is vastly different as well. A thesis compiles all the knowledge you have acquired while studying for your degree. While a dissertation calls for the contribution of new perspectives, practices, or theories from the scholar. It is more challenging in the sense that you have to bring forth a new concept, develop, and defend it convincingly.

Differences in structure

A thesis for masters is similar to other research papers undergraduates have to work with. The topic has to be researched about, analyzed, and commented on the basis of the collected data. The writer has to find links between previous research and the topic of their paper.

The objective of a thesis is to show your ability of critical thinking and knowledgeably discussing a topic of your field. Students can also take it up as an opportunity to expand on an area they want to pursue later on.

A dissertation on the other hand, requires utilizing other academic studies as mere sources of guidance. The student themselves have to come up with a unique concept or hypothesis and prove it. The credit for most of the research goes to the writer.

Their varying lengths are another key structural difference between these two academic writings. A doctoral dissertation needs to be much more massive than a thesis. This is due to the great amount of research and background information involved in it.

Dissertations further include singular details of the proposal and how the writers arrived at the results. It is increasingly complex and two or even three time lengthier than an average thesis. Students are assigned dissertation advisers to guide them along the process. They are there to provide a solution in case one gets stuck and even assist in acquiring resources.


Although different institutes and regions might have varying guidelines for thesis and dissertations, the gist remains the same. The purpose of both is to assess a student’s analyzing, expression in writing, and critical thinking skills. And accomplish everything within a specific timeframe.

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