7 Secrets of Stylish Academic Writing

It is quite difficult for scholars with years of writing academic papers to write content that is attractive. Research papers, journals, articles and similar academic content does not need frills and flounces. It is just based on no-nonsense and straight forward facts and consists of field related terminology and phrases. But at some point, you might need to write something that does not adhere to these formal regulations.
So, how to bring that appeal and attraction to your writing in such cases? How can you make it engaging for readers who are not other literary scholars? Well read ahead to find out how to write in a way that involves your audience.
1. Begin with the title
The titles of academic papers are usually technical, abstract and simply unattractive. For making your titles more inviting, try to phrase them as a question. A sensational statement, metaphor or phrases are also good strategies for titles. As much as possible, use simple language. That makes a title all the more powerful.
2. Start with an opening hook sentence
Sentences filled with technical jargon and complicated ideas are not the ideal opening for an interesting piece. Once you have managed to come up with an attractive title, then open with a quotation, question, anecdote or a surprising fact. Your chosen form of statement should be able to reel in the readers.
3. Weave a story
The stories which appeal most to us are about real people. Try to make yourself the center of your story about academic discovery and challenges. Find more human characters to focus on in the experience you are relating. The cancer patient who recovered by the new treatment. The student who overcame and confronted a metaphorical roadblock. Anyone can become the inspiring hero for your story if you look hard enough. If ample practice, you will reach the stage where you can make characters out of non-human elements too.
4. Be human
Keep in mind that you are a human being seeking to engage other human being through writing. Even if you are not using a first-person narrative, you can employ a conversational tone that exudes trust. The best way to analyze if your writing is audience friendly is by reading aloud to other people. Does your sentence structure sound robotic? Or sounds warm and realistic? Keep practicing to make it more relatable and welcoming.
5. Be concrete
Academic are more familiar to abstract language. For normal readers, it is much easier to understand abstract concepts if they put alongside a physical example. Having a deed, practice or person linked to the abstract theories, make them less complex. Explain them through every day and familiar experiences and occurrences. The easier the readers find understanding those concepts, the more they will be drawn in.
6. Bring variation in your verbs
Verbs are a driving force that make your sentences powerful and more effective. If you use predictable and flat verbs, they just end up producing a similar prose. The usage of active verbs, introduces vigor and excitement in your narrative. Verbs play their strongest role when they follow right after a noun. This way both action and agent are clearly defined.
7. Focus on the details
Writing a lazy and sluggish prose is relatively easy. In comparison a lively and clear piece takes a longer time to write. Stylish academic writing skills need to be polished through practice. You must ruthlessly eliminate clutter and be meticulous with choice of words, flow and syntax. This kind of writing needs a lot of hard work and attention to detail.
These tips are the basic principles for making your writing effective and communicative. They will prove useful when you need to reach out to audiences who are not like-minded peers. Being able to convey such complicated concepts to readers of varying intellectual level marks you as a truly successful writer.
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