How to write a perfect college Assignment in 3 hours

One word that is ingrained in the student’s mind throughout their academic year is procrastination, especially when the task is of writing. This procrastination is the reason that student consumes most of their time such as weeks and months for the completion of a single essay which could have been done in some hours or so. The reason behind it is the fear that engulfs students relating to deadlines; however, this deadline nightmare is not only related to the initial stages of academic but surpasses every level. We realize that student’s life is tough, and the juggling between the various activities can take a toll on the students, therefore, in order to assist you in this daunting task, we provide you a magical gateway, where a certain essay can be completed in just 3 hours, yes you read it right, now let’s have a look below.

  • Breakup from bed

Heartbreaking right? Nevertheless, do not worry it’s just for some hours. The reason that this is the first point is that working on the bed can make you sluggish, where you will extremely be driven towards taking nap, reducing the already limited time constraint you follow. To ensure maximum productivity in the limited time is to part your way which has a pillow and a soft mattress as these are the two things which will serve as a hindrance in formulating an essay.

  • Reduce the distraction

This point towards the use of the internet and mobile apart from the writing concerns. Put that Wi-Fi off which continuously pops a new notification and compels you to just have a look reducing the limited time you hold before submission. Either mute the notifications of these social media accounts or uninstall them for time being as these are the biggest thwarting block in your generation of the essay within 3 hours.

  • Brainstorm the ideas

The first thing to do is to fathom out all the ideas that reside in the corner of your head. Seek answers to every question that you pen down. Be clear as to what are the requirements of the essay and make a selection of the ideas accordingly. Spend the majority of your time on the gathering of the relevant ideas to the topic.

  • Outline your essay

Call it the main point in getting your assignment completed on time. The outline determination of the essay is important because it sets out the flow of the essay. No matter how much in hurry you are, if you fail to draw a proper outline, the efforts you made in writing an essay all do to vain. An outline also assists in accomplishing a perfect essay within time constraint as we are only meant to focus on the outline we have formed leaving no space for wandering on another line of argument.

  • Select the relevant ideas and correlate

Once the brainstorming and outline formation has been done, select the theme of the essay. The theme selection is extremely important as it determines the questions which are to be answered, as well as, the theme of the essay determines whether a reader will be engaged in it or not. This is a very crucial step as it saves your time as redundant questions are filtered out and you are left with certain relevant questions only. The ideas that are to be incorporated are then cleared after the theme selection, in which a flow is created. Start the essay with a kickass statement that grabs the reader’s attention level. It should not be mundane but exce3ptionally innovative.

  • Have small breaks

The one quote that never gets old is “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, as it is extremely true. The breaks are extremely important as constant concentration level reduces with time as the body and mind become exhausted. The small breaks assist in refreshing one’s mind, where a new stream of ideas flows in every now and then. The breaks do not point towards taking constant naps and wasting time in useless activities, but it means small naps, low sugar foods, refreshing drinks and more.

  • Give a strong ending

The essay conclusion determines the overall strength of the writing. It is the central point that the readers take away with him, therefore, focus on reiterating the argument points presented. Make the ending extremely compelling to nail the essay.

  • Revise and review

The parameters of time may have resulted in many minor errors such as typos, spelling mistakes, punctuations, and more. Read the essay thoroughly once or twice to determine the weak points and the errors which need to be corrected. Such mistakes undermine the strength of the essay and make readers focus shift from the main argument to the detection of mistakes.


Once all these steps have been followed, and the time is almost done, there is nothing you could do more. Submit the written paper and wander away in your euphorically dreams.

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