How to Draft an Assignment Without Getting Stressed?

The task of writing is the only task which remains the same throughout a student’s life, it may change the level of writing with more or fewer requirements, instructions and guidelines to follow, but writing somehow relates to our work. The task of writing assignments in university differs significantly as compared to the writing in school or college, being more difficult and in depth of subjects, which are mostly required to be more formal as well. Each essay is required to have persuasive tone with an argument and evidences which are based on facts and figures to support the argument which a student chooses to be in favor of, which represents the true efforts of a student and helps the teachers, professors or instructors to analyze student’s skills of critical, analytical thinking and polishes the skill of convincing. It also helps a student to develop an opinion after going through a different source of knowledge provided with a different point of views on the same topic, which enables a student to look at things with a diversity of point of views. But this can also create a pressure on the student to perform well in writing good assignment eventually leading to a stressed state of mind. That is why this article highlights some good writing tips which can help a student to score and secure good grades and position in their assignments.

There is various kind of assignments which are given to student which falls under the category of the task of writing such as Customized essay, Research proposals, dissertations, Reports, Case studies, Reflective writings and a term paper. Factors which a student needs to consider which generally implies on every kind of writing task are following:

Purpose of writing: it is important for you to highlight the main purpose of the writing and demonstrate what you target in the writing for the topic on which you are required to frame the writing upon. Outlining the critical areas and key aspects will help you to comprehend the writing to the reader.

Audience: It is essential for you to connect with your readers through your assignment, which is why you should read your written assignment as an evaluator, analyzing the arguments and evidence you have written.

Structure of the writing: Every assignment which is assigned to you will have a proper format and structure in which you have to frame your writing. There are various kinds of assignments, which are mentioned above, having their own formats. You should follow their academic discipline and make sure you do not overlap different formats with each other.

Language: Rather than putting in efforts to make your essay look fancier, you should try focusing on the content you are writing with having persuasive tone, using articulate and simple vocabulary.

After discussing the general guidelines which can be implied in every assignment of writing, let’s discuss tips which can help you write a perfect assignment without getting under pressure or stressed.

Planning Your Assignment:

Time is a very important factor which you should not waste, but use it such a way that every task you have gets completed in the allotted time. You should divide your time into the functions you are required to do in completing your writing assignment like allotting time for research and finding out information, sorting out the order of your content in the way it is supposed to be written like an introduction, then body, and then conclusion. After distributing your allotted time to every function you will need to perform, you need to check the marking criteria of the assignment, this will help you to know which function you need to focus on more and how to target your topic. Your focus should be on following the instructions with accuracy.

Collecting Information and Researching:

Every task of assignment needs to be based on facts and figures, without involving your own assumptions, which is why collecting information is basically gathering the content which you are going to write in your assignment. You can start collecting information by rereading the course materials and lecture notes you are given, going to a library and taking out information from the books which are related to your topic and talking to experts of the field on which your topic is based on. While collecting your information be sure to find the key concepts, principles, and theories which are relevant to the assigned topic.

Analyzing the Collecting Material:

Once you are done collecting the information from every source which can be helpful, now you are required to reread the information thoroughly so that you can analyze the relevancy of the information to your topic. Everything should be connected to your topic otherwise you will not get marks for your irrelevant efforts.


After the confirming the collected information and content is relevant, you are required to draft your writing in a format following a proper structure. You should mention all the key points, principles, theories and information which you are required to write, in points on the draft. This will help you to make the proper format of the assignment and decide what to add in which part of the assignment from the introduction to the conclusion of your topic.


Finally, the step of writing comes after you are done drafting and highlighting the essential points you need to write in your assignment. Now when you are finally writing your assignment you should be sure to use proper grammatical words, sentence structures, and correct punctuation. Using these three features you should follow the format which you are required to write in and include all the key points, principles, and theories which you have mentioned in the draft earlier. From the intro of the topic till the conclusion, everything should be in a continuous flow using well articulated and simple vocabulary.


This is very important part of writing an assignment, to check and evaluate your written assignment again. This way you will be able to find out any mistakes or error in the written content or any grammatical mistake which could result in a deduction of your marks.


This is the last stage of writing an assignment, in which you mention every source and material from which you have taken the information for your written content so that your teacher, professor or instructor can check the authenticity of your work.

By following these tips and guidelines you’ll be able to write your assignment perfectly, eliminating the chance of marks deduction to its minimum. It will also help you to make your task of writing your assignment easier which will save you from the stress and pressure you usually face while doing the assignment.

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