Step-By-Step Guide To Write A College Essay That Stands Out

When it comes to choosing the future students of any program, colleges consider many requirements. From previous grades and extracurricular activities to SAT and test scores, there are many criteria but for the past few years, colleges are focusing on a few other things as well. After you complete all steps of your college application, the last important thing is to build a strong impression on admission officers by writing a compelling college application essay.

Writing your college essay is undoubtedly an overwhelming task. You will spend hours researching, drafting and writing your content, but the admission officer will only have a glance for a few minutes. Your written words can be the deciding factor between acceptance and rejection so you need to give your best shot. It is natural for students to stress out in such tense situations. But, you do not have to worry as this guide will assist you through every step of crafting a perfect admission essay. At the end of this article, you will have enough knowledge to curate the best college SOP. So, don’t let the stress paralyze you and read on!

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Craft A Good Personal Essay

Start Working On Your College Essay Early

Crafting a good college essay requires a lot of work: you need to spend many hours to get one SOP properly written. You have to start early if you want to have enough time to brainstorm ideas and write an impactful essay. Planning beforehand gives students sufficient time to write multiple drafts and finalize their main points. An ideal time for students to start working on their college applications is in the summers before their senior year. At that time they get a good chance without any academic stress to work on their personal essays.

Choose A Strong Topic

An appealing essay topic sets you apart from the other candidates. If you have a strong essay topic, it will assist you in writing a unique and interesting statement of purpose. Your topic should be specific, authentic and mainly personal. Take your time to brainstorm and decide on the right topic. A catchy title is likely to grab the eyeballs of admission officers and compel them to read the essay till the end. If you cannot think of any good idea, visit any online service provider and say, “write my essay.” They will not only use an interesting topic but will also make your essay sound more promising and engaging for the readers.

Create A Proper Structure

Once you are done brainstorming your topic and ideas, now it’s time to plan your writing trajectory. How will you give the introduction, develop your essay and conclude it? Answer these questions before writing anything. You can create a proper structure and outline to organize your points and all the ideas. It makes essay writing much easier as it develops a path and gives you a list of every point that you should cover in your personal essay.

Although creating an outline is a good practice but it’s not necessary to stick to it. Once you start writing. Sometimes you may feel that you can add more points and the structure is not quite working well. So, once you start working try to go with the flow. You can try different writing styles and structures if your original writing plan is not working. Remember multiple drafts can result in a good final product.

Craft An Attention-Grabbing Introduction

Admission officers go through hundreds of applications and college essays each season. They just give a few minutes on the entire application of the student. Therefore, it is essential to write an interesting SOP with an attention-grabbing introduction. Keep one important rule for a good introduction in your mind: never give too much information. Your reader should not get all the information from just the intro. Start with a striking opening that captures attention, builds interest, raises questions and convinces the board members to keep reading.

Students mostly buy essay online for their college application and risk individuality. You have to add your genuine beliefs, honest opinion, and real-life experiences to compose an exceptional college essay. If the admission offer gives a little more time to your essay than usual, then it can amplify your chance to study in your dream college.

Focus On Different Perspectives

Universities are looking for authenticity and uniqueness in your essay. To add it you can aim to write things from different perspectives. Most students like to brag about their achievements and accomplishments in the body paragraph. You can also adopt this approach but do not forget to talk about your losses and the lessons you learned from your failures. Students plan their essays around facts, figures, grades, sports wins and volunteer work but these are not the only important things. The admission officer is interested in knowing more about you as a person. Mentioning your interests, thoughts and skills can prove you as the right candidate.

Add A Strong Ending Paragraph

The final paragraph should be a kicker as it is your final opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the reader. A strong conclusion can give a sense of closure and tie all your information together. Mostly college essays have future plans mentioned at the end. These conclusions are positive and optimistic and add value to your personal statement.

Although these endings are effective, it can be difficult to avoid generalization. You need to keep the content specific and personal so that it can have authenticity and originality. A weak written conclusion can leave the reader with a bad impression, potentially triggering them to question your abilities for the college program. If you don’t want to risk your admission due to your lack of writing skills, then you can hire an expert to work on your essay. A professional can easily make your story sound more captivating from start to end.


Your personal statement can be your gateway to your dream university. It helps the admission officers in building a personalized picture of the candidate. Writing a good essay may not guarantee your selection but it can make sure you outshine your competition. So, research, write, revise, and follow this guide for fruitful results.

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