How to Write a Perfect Essay Outline

The basic description of an essay outline is that it is a plan upon which your academic essay is based upon, in which set down the general structure of it along with organizing the points into paragraphs to make the essay writing easier.

It is not wise to write an essay without the outline phase. Any top grade worthy paper needs to begin with an outline in order for it to be well written. Our guide is meant to help all the students out there looking to write a perfect essay. So here are the things we are going to be shedding light upon:

  • Understanding what an essay outline is,
  • Learning how to put together an essay outline,
  • Exploring examples and templates of outlines to enhance your work even further.

Now we are going to head on to the real focus of this guide,

What is Essay Outlining?

As mentioned already, an outline is a brief plan for your academic paper. You clarify the main idea of your paper in it and give each argument the form of a paragraph to avoid missing out on any important points regarding the subject.

You can surely write an essay without an outline but that makes it quite difficult. Outlining should be considered an unavoidable part of writing a paper and all essay writers need to use this technique to make their writings more impressionable.

These are some of the reasons that make essay outlining important:

  • It helps in organizing your thoughts and sort out the mounds of information you have gathered during research.
  • Understanding all the gathered data becomes easier and it can be structured accordingly.
  • You will not miss out on any necessary points as there will be a prepared manuscript to refer to when you start writing the paper

Outlining is an excellent way to increase writing speed and quality and improving your whole writing style. Although there are incredible essay writing services which one can reach out to get genuinely top grade worthy essays, it is still useful to learn the basics of essay outlining.

How to Construct an Essay Outline?

There are several types of academic essays and the structure consisting of five paragraphs remains identical for most of them. There needs to be an introduction, a body and a conclusion. An outline needs to be made up of all these components. Keeping them in mind will help you write without mission out on any evidences, arguments or examples.

The Key Components of an Essay

We are going to go over the basic elements of an essay in a bit more detail here:

  • The Introduction. This part has the topic and thesis of the essay. Essays cannot thrive without a thesis statement so putting it in the outline will help the writer to support it in the paragraphs that form the body of the essay.
  • The Body. An essay’s body consists of three paragraphs at a minimum, so add each of them in the outline. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence along with a thesis related argument. Also mention all the support such as examples, data, facts and any other evidences you will be using to prove it.
  • The Conclusion. Here you will be wrapping up your essay. The thesis needs to be restated and the goals of the paper should be summarized in this part.

Formatting the Outline

While formatting an essay outline students ordinarily use the linear style. This means that each argument is ranked according to their importance, from the major arguments to the minor ones. An essay outline does not need to have fully formed sentences. The writer has the freedom to format the evidences and arguments in a way that is comprehensive and comfortable for them. It just needs to be clear and uncomplicated in order for the writer to make sure that nothing is repeated or redundant.

Another necessary point to keep in mind is that if an essay topic is one about which you have considerable knowledge, it does not mean that it’s the same for the readers. So make an outline from that viewpoint to make things understandable for the audience.

The Outlining

Even after understanding the basic elements of an outline it can still be a challenging task. Moreover, teachers ask for the submission of the essay outline in order to review it. That makes the planning behind the essay itself even more essential. For learning the secrets of impressive outline writing, one needs to know what is the process that leads to crafting the outline, the kind of structure that should be chosen for the essay, and to organize in a way that makes the outline as informative as it can be.



There are many types of essays that students are required to write all through the school and college phase. Whether expository, persuasive or narrative, the main structure remains the same with small differences according to the specifics and the knowledge you have about the topic. Comprehending the key differences and then outlining the essays is the perfect way to come up with writing that can get you high grades.

An outline must be well written enough to organize all the data you have collected and it should not be missing any of the basic arguments that you need to focus upon in your essay. When you learn how to write a good essay outline, you are able to write papers that are much better and are completed much quicker. That way you won’t have to worry about missing any deadlines.

Remembering all the elements stated in this guide you can put together a perfect essay outline. It improves critical thinking of a writer and gives them the opportunity to study their essay topic from all angles possible. That makes the end result as flawless as it can be. The better your essay outline, the more effortlessly you can create an essay that’s worth superb grades.

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