A Complete Guide on How to Write a Literature Review Outline

Literature review is aprocess of conducting a comprehensive analysis on any particular area of interest. It requires surveying through multitude of sources that could provide researchers an insight about the topic from significant and expert sources and authors. There are about five to six steps, by which anyone can conduct research and draft their own review:

Define Your Goal

Hold on, before going any further, first analyze what you have to research about and what characteristics your literature review would have? There are a lots of researches available on the internet, which encompass various aspects of the same topic. For example, internal and external analysis or PESTLE and SWOT analysis, contains similar points and entails similar analysis.

Start Your Research

Identify and collect the articles which are available on the internet but only those which resembles your main topic of research. Assess if the collected articles are written by authentic authors and examine which position on the topic they represent in their own article, whether it is relevant to your own point of view or not!

Ground the Summary

Analyze the collected topic thoroughly. Read it with utmost dedication so you do not miss any single point. Any point can take or give the main idea or essence of the entire article. Collect the points, and try to summarize data into your own words according to your own ideas. Use the central idea or hypotheses to support your own idea or imagination. Rest assured, you will not always find data according to your own expectations.

Logical Development of the Review

The progress of the logical statements is very important. Incoherent writing can often irritate the reader or break the overall influence of the work. This is the reason why writers make many drafts before actually writing a paper. Development of logical ideas and construction of argument is very important for an effective literature. Try to find and build many aspects and positions of your topic, so it could seem as concrete as possible. Only finding supportive data, which is relevant to your studies is not enough, sometimes you must find counter arguments to make the work catchier.

Include References

Why would someone believe something that comes on internet? This is a growing concern of the people nowadays who use internet frequently. So how can someone make their work look more authentic? It is done by putting references within your text. References are made from the authentic work of scholars, viewed and reviewed by other scholars. When you cite the work of some well know scientist or doctor or quote the saying of any philosopher, or discuss the experience of any astronaut, it automatically make your work more precise and accurate.


If the above stated steps are followed, the writing and organizing a literature review will become an easy process, with practice of course. Writing literature review is never easy because of several challenges that arise with each topic, nonetheless, the above discussed steps can save anyone from getting trapped into the mess of collection and analysis of data.

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