Improve Your English Writing Skills

Quick Tips on how to improve your English Writing Skills

Why is it important to write? What is writing? How do I write? What do I write about? All these questions may come to your mind when someone asks you to develop your English writing skills and improve your English Writing Skills!

In short, writing is a form of self-expression, we can also say, it is very similar to art. We believe that writing is more powerful and meaningful compared to art, as we use a certain language and words to express our feelings, points of view and ideas. Hence, this expression through words makes more sense.  A piece of writing is easily understandable and acceptable to the readers. All you need is a pen and paper or a keyboard and monitor!

Typically a child starts to write with 2-3 letter words and moves on to express his feelings through simple sentences and notes like, “I love you papa”, “I miss you mama” or “Teacher you are the best”. Writing is a good way to represent your idea to people when you are not talking to them face-to-face. The amazing part about today’s writing platforms is that you get comments on your articles too. Your readers can express their thoughts on your piece of writing hence making it a two-way communication. You get immediate feedback and can improve on your English writing skills or add to your ideas (if you want to)

To enjoy the process of writing and be able to capture the attention of your audience, you need to improve your English essay writing or other academic paper skills and keep these few things on your fingertips.


Daily Diary

People often have a habit of penning down their thoughts and feelings about the entire day in a personal notebook called the “Diary”. This is a very useful way to polish your writing skills. A child may write about his day at school where he/she may recall a friends helping gesture, or a teacher’s positive note.

Pick a topic and stick 

Beginners, when start to write often find it difficult to decide on a topic. So it is crucial to choose a topic and write a particular number of words to make it a habit. Give yourself a target, for instance if you decide to write about religious festivals of different religions, use your prior knowledge and give yourself a word count.


An effective way of choosing a topic could be to look around! On a daily basis we meet different people, go through various events/instances. The people and places in our surroundings could be a great source of motivation to pen down our thoughts. This may give us a new idea to choose from every day and make our writing activity more interesting.

Write and Re-write

The most important part of writing is to proofread your work! Writers usually do this a lot to critically analyze their own work. The choice of words, the flow of thoughts, the sequencing of events all and any of this can change as you get ready to re-write your work.

Catchy words/phrases

Depending on the audience, you may design your content to be cool and catchy. Use words that attract the reader or force them to either smile or think! At times writers also need to make their readers cry! (There is no harm there as long as readers are reading your work with all their heart)

Know your audience

We usually write for an audience, so it is very important to know what age group you are catering to! Depending on the audience you may decide your content. Your tone and selection of words will be different for a group of young kids whereas your thought process will be different when writing about some political or social issue.

Make use of technology

With so many technological resources available it has become super easy and efficient to turn your ordinary piece of writing into something mind-blowing. Use the grammar check websites, online dictionaries for a better choice of words and furthermore read related articles on the web for a better understanding of any new concept you are writing about.

Add humor

Who doesn’t want to laugh! Make your writing interesting by adding a funny anecdote, joke or maybe a line of sarcastic humor. Choice of your humor depends on the audience you are writing for and of course on the rest of the content. But humor will surely bring a smile to your reader’s face, add a giggle/laugh to their moment.

In old days we had limited options of writing platforms, mostly it was through books, journals, newspapers, and magazines, and the audience was also limited. But today with the internet all around us and the unlimited audience options we have, writing has become much cooler! We also have so many options and so many ways to work on our writing skills. An English essay writing service can provide you all the support you need to develop your English writing skills.

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